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Data Backup: Two Important Rules for Good Night’s Sleep (Part II)

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online_backupAbout 12 years ago, I decided to install Windows 2000 on my laptop, on which I had Windows XP (for some reasons, I thought I liked Windows 2000 more). A relatively simple and straightforward installation process, which was not to be expected to be problematic at all, somehow caused a total data loss on my laptop’s HDD. It might not be too bad, but I didn’t have any backups! A sleepless night spent in an attempt to recover the data didn’t bring any fruits, and I went to bed in early morning, hopeless and devastated. Later I called a firm that specialized in data recovery, whose representative was able to restore all, or almost all, of my data in a couple of hours. I was happy then, but I was also lucky, and it cost me some nice money. I hope this story will never become reality for you.
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