internet securityHello everyone! My name is Paul, and this is the WireLayer blog. Here I and other authors will be covering various topics related to internet and computer security. Among other things we will be touching upon the following subjects:



  • How to protect your computers and mobile devices from dangers, such as intrusions, data leaks, trojans and viruses
  • Tips and
  • tricks on avoiding pitfalls which could put your data in danger
  • Notable events in the world, related to computer and internet security
  • Discussions of technologies used for spying on peoples’ computer lives
  • Technologies that you can and should use to protect your digital, and ultimately, personal life

WireLayer is a VPN service company, which provides encrypted connections to servers in various countries for the purpose of protecting data flows and privacy. VPN services are useful for many benevolent and serious purposes, and we will also be reviewing some important points of the VPN technology and its usefulness for one’s internet life.